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International Foundation Group

In order to have qualification to apply to a university in the United Kingdom, a student must complete one of the following:
Complete their secondary education in the United Kingdom.
Complete their secondary education outside the United Kingdom, while studying within the British Curriculum and passing the IGCSE and A-level examinations.
Complete an International Foundation Year, recognised by IFG (International Foundation Group) and its partner universities as equivalent to A-level and IB Diplomas. This year is to be done after the completion of the student’s secondary education in their home country.
Please note that the total duration for education in the United Kingdom is 13 years, 6 years in primary and 7 years in secondary education. This is followed by university education which comprises 3 years for the majority of courses, while 5-6 years for medical courses.

The International Foundation Group (IFG)  is an academic institute based in London, in the United Kingdom. IFG provides an educational course for international students, which would prepare them for their applications to their university of choice in the United Kingdom. This foundation course spans the academic year, lasting a total of 9 months.

IFG recognises the importance of education, and the concurrent interest within the international communities to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom. As IFG realises the results of the aforementioned, creating an increase in prices and a drop in opportunity. The International Foundation Group has opened its doors in several 10 countries recently, including: Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, and others. Iraq will become the 11th country, aiming only to provide the highest tier of educational service, in the preparation of its students for their future studies.


As such, IFG has dedicated its efforts and resources to provide its students with opportunities within vast fields, allowing the students to find their passion in their chosen field, and preparing them to pursue that career. IFG wants its students to follow their dreams, providing the following course options:

1-Medical studies: Allowing the student to apply to medical courses, including medicine, dentistry (currently only in Cyprus), nursing and biomedical studies.
2- Engineering: Allows the student to apply to all certified engineering courses.
3- Computer sciences.
4- Social Sciences: Including all social, political and humanitarian studies (including law)
5-Business Studies: Including Business, management, economics, accounting and finance.Furthermore, students may also partake in a foundation year course for preparation to apply for post-graduate studies.

Our Relations:

IFG celebrates relationships and agreements with a collection of excellent universities in the United Kingdom. Where in cases of successfully completing the foundation year, and the English IELTS exam, an unconditional offer is extended to students from partnered universities.

Our Mission:

To support each student in achieving their goals, and discovering their potential, while providing them with the environment and opportunity they need to grow.

Our Syllabus:

IFG is overseen by a group of executives who pertain a deep level of experience within the educational management field, and the various courses provided by the institute. Our teachers are tested according to international standards, and are then trained to provide the highest level of education to our students. Ensuring the best preparation for their future journeys. IFG also recognises the importance of developing a student's character, and allowing their passion and ambition to thrive. This collective pursuit of improvement is what creates the best learning environment.


مساعدة كل طالب على تحقيق ذاته واكتشاف إمكانياته كما نوفر بيئة داعمة ورعاية ومتابعة في الفصول للمساعدة في تحقيق ذلك.

Our Promise:

We thoroughly and diligently pay each of our students their deserved time and effort, continuously pushing them to improve. We provide services to all our students, assisting them with their university applications, answering their queries, and facilitating logistics with partner institutions in the United Kingdom.