Instructor Details

Prof. Dr. Rami Al-Hadeethi- Academic Director

Dr. Rami Hikmat Al-Hadeethi is an international, award winning Professor of Industrial Technology & Operations Management whose solid understanding of business administration in an engineering context, passion for learning, and consultative leadership style are the driving forces behind a progressively successful 29+ year career. He enjoys inspiring students across the EMEA to achieve their full academic and personal potential. He is also a founder of academic departments, colleges and programs in Iraq and Jordan, and participant in worldwide conferences.

Dr. Rami holds PhD and MSc in Industrial Technology and Operations Management both degrees from well-recognised UK universities and he is currently the Academic Director- Iraq Branch, International Foundation Group (IFG), London, UK and Industrial Engineering Thematic Leader, Education Society Chapter, IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland Section. Moreover, Dr Rami is the Academic Director of Iraq Office for International Foundation Group (IFG) and Director of Uruk Digital Training Centre, Iraqi Technologist Board in London, UK.

Dr. Rami has taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses at several higher education institutions in the Middle East and has also successfully supervised and examined many postgraduate students both at Masters and PhD levels.

Dr. Rami has helped in setting up links with industry; this has added to his administrative knowledge and practical experience and has allowed him to improve his relations and links with the industrial sector. It has also allowed him to work on applied research, student graduation projects and student field training, focusing on several real-life industrial problems. Therefore, his scientific research efforts have resulted in the publication of 60 papers and three books.

Dr. Rami is an Internationally-recognised consultant with a unique prospective on mixing engineering knowledge and administrative abilities in the design, development, organizing and delivery of several worldwide short training courses that covers an extensive range of engineering disciplines and business-related topics. 

Dr. Rami is also certified in instruction and e-learning systems and experienced in teaching e-learning, distance learning and blended-learning courses and webinars and chaired e-learning conferences in the EMEA.

Dr. Rami is a member of many unions, associations, societies and journal’s editorial boards around the world.